Afghanistan: 11 Muslims dead as bomb they were constructing in mosque detonates prematurely

All those who insist that all religions are equally likely to produce “extremists” should give the details of the last time a bomb was being constructed inside a church or synagogue.

“Premature blast in a mosque leaves 11 militants dead in Ghazni province,” Khaama Press, May 7, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

At least eleven militants were killed in a premature explosion triggered by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in southeastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

The 203rd Thunder Corps of the Afghan Military in the Southeast said the incident has taken place inside a mosque in the restive Andar district.

The source further added that an IED went off among the militants in Ismail Kabuli mosque in Andar district, leaving at least 11 militants dead….


Islamic State quotes Qur’an in threatening mass murder at World Cup

Al Anfal Verse 12 is Qur’an 8:12. The Islamic State is saying that if it does carry out a jihad massacre at the World Cup, it will be fulfilling a Qur’anic command. Can any moderate Muslim spokesman in the West kindly explain how they are misunderstanding this verse?

“‘Kill them all’: ISIS thugs call on fanatics to launch attacks at the World Cup in chilling new propaganda,” by Julian Robinson, MailOnline, May 5, 2018:

ISIS thugs have called on their supporters to launch attacks at the World Cup in chilling new online propaganda.

The terror group’s latest poster, showing a knife set on a red back ground in front of a football stadium in Russia, comes with a French caption translated as ‘Kill them all’.

It is the latest in a series of ISIS threats made against football’s showpiece tournament, which kicks off on June 14 in Moscow.

The poster was released by a French ISIS-linked group, according to SITE Intelligence, which monitors terror activity.

In April, ISIS warned Russian President Vladimir Putin he will ‘pay the price for killing Muslims’. The poster showed a jihadist emerging from an explosion and holding an AK-47 aloft, with a packed football arena in the background.

President Putin can be seen on the left of the image with a black and orange target aiming straight at him.

Across the poster is written; ‘Russia 2018. Putin you disbeliever. You will pay the price for killing Muslims.’…

Video from Germany: Muslim enters supermarket, begins smashing bottles of alcohol

“O you who have believed, indeed, intoxicants, gambling, stone altars, and divining arrows are but defilement from the work of Satan, so avoid it that you may be successful.” (Qur’an 5:90)

“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘Every intoxicant is khamr (wine) and every intoxicant is forbidden. If anyone drinks wine, Allah will not accept prayer from him for forty days, but if he repents, Allah will accept his repentance. If he repeats it a fourth time, it is binding on Allah that He will give him tinat al-khabal to drink.’ He was asked: ‘What is tinat al-khabal, Messenger of Allah?’ He replied: ‘Discharge of wounds, flowing from the inhabitants of Hell. If anyone serves it to a minor who does not distinguish between the lawful and the unlawful, it is binding on Allah that He will give him to drink the discharge of wounds, flowing from the inhabitants of Hell.’” (Sunan Abu Dawud 3680)

“The Prophet (ﷺ) said: Allah has cursed wine, its drinker, its server, its seller, its buyer, its presser, the one for whom it is pressed, the one who conveys it, and the one to whom it is conveyed.” (Sunan Abu Dawud 3674)

And so Germans must bow, and stop drinking alcohol. To do otherwise would be “Islamophobic.”

Merkel Guest – Mission: Destroy all alcohol
Liveleak, May 5, 2018:

With Police Action – A Supermarket in south of Germany (i hear the voices)

Turkey: Those calling for Qur’an reform “worship bigotry and violence,” are the “same as ISIS”

“Turkey slams French figures demanding change in Quran,” Hürriyet Daily News, May 6, 2018:

Turkey’s EU Affairs Minister Ömer Çelik on May 6 slammed a French manifesto proposing the removal of some verses from the Quran, saying those 300 prominent French figures demanding the changes were as “bigoted” as members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) who infer violence from the holy book, state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

“This is the most striking example of intellectual violence and barbarism. Whoever these people are and whatever they have been doing up till now, they will be written at the beginning of the history of bigotry,” Çelik said on Twitter.

“Barbarism is intellectually and politically centered in the modern world,” he added.

Çelik drew parallel between the “barbaric and immoral” proposal and the ideology of ISIL.

“They could not tell in a better way that they are the closest ideological relatives of Daesh. But this approach, which will be the subject of political psychiatry, reveals how barbarism has risen in the midst of Europe, and how this mentality, at least as dangerous as Daesh, keeps itself behind certain concepts,” he said, using the Arabic name for ISIL.

“These are the most dangerous ones; those who conceal themselves behind an intellectual and political image. This is the mentality of those who are so-called anti-violence, but in fact they worship the bigotry and violence. These 300 French figures are the same as Daesh which infers violence from the humanity’s guide Quran,” Çelik added….

Sweden: Police refuse to publish description of three men who raped ten-year-old girl

But now this determination to keep people from thinking negative thoughts about the Muslim migrants in Sweden is actively interfering with public safety.

“Swedish child raped by ‘three men’ on her way home: Police refuse to give description of the perpetrators,” Voice of Europe, May 6, 2018:

A 10-year-old girl was attacked by three men after she left school and was on her way home. The child was raped at a cemetery in Östervåla, Sweden’s Aftonbladet reports.

It was Thursday, around 3 pm, that the terrible incident occurred. According to the police three perpetrators were involved. At least one of them raped the girl.

“No person has been arrested but we have received a good description of the perpetrators. We do not want to publish it in the media”, says police investigator Daniel Nilsson to SVT.