Minnesota authorities claim that motive of St. Cloud mall jihadi remains unclear

Dahir Adan’s motive is abundantly clear from this article itself, yet law enforcement officials still apparently think that why Adan stabbed 10 shoppers at St. Cloud’s Crossroads Center remains a big mystery.

Well, let’s see.

1. He “plunged kitchen knives into 10 shoppers at St. Cloud’s Crossroads Center mall, after reportedly asking some if they were Muslim.’

2. The Islamic State hailed him as a “soldier of the Islamic State.” This, of course, may be jihadi opportunism, and reflect only on the Islamic State and not on Adan at all, but even if this comes from the Islamic State and not from Adan, it demonstrates that the Islamic State saw his attack as a plausible enough jihad to be worth claiming, while non-Muslim Minnesota officials are still scratching their heads.

3. He screamed “Allahu akbar” as he was stabbing his victims.

Nonetheless, “authorities still say they may never know what sparked Adan’s decision to bring two Farberware kitchen knives to the mall that night.”

Of course they may never know, because they don’t admit that there is an Islamic jihad in the first place.

Meanwhile, “Natalie Ringsmuth, who directs #UniteCloud, a nonprofit that has worked to ease cultural tensions,” laments that “the stabbing is still referenced by anti-Muslim activists.” Once again we see that for Leftists, Muslims are always the victims, no matter what the facts of the case may be.

“One year later, motive of St. Cloud mall attacker remains unclear,” by Stephen Montemayor, Star Tribune, September 17, 2017:

Two months before he plunged kitchen knives into 10 shoppers at St. Cloud’s Crossroads Center mall, after reportedly asking some if they were Muslim, Dahir Adan shared a radically different message on Twitter.

“Don’t ever say that ISIS represents Islam,” read part of a post @D_Adan retweeted on July 4, 2016.

That same terrorist group would deem the 20-year-old Adan a “soldier of the Islamic State” hours after he was gunned down by an off-duty police officer inside the mall on Sept. 17, 2016. The FBI, for its part, quickly labeled the case a “potential act of terrorism.”

But one year after Adan’s rampage, newly unsealed court filings detailing the FBI’s early response underline the difficulty that persists in trying to unwrap the young man’s motivation and determine whether he had any guidance from virtual terror planners abroad.

Days after sending more than 20 agents to St. Cloud to interview scores of witnesses, the FBI obtained search warrants for Adan’s social media accounts, the Toyota Camry he was driving when he struck a bicyclist on his way to the mall and four digital devices, according to court filings. But authorities still say they may never know what sparked Adan’s decision to bring two Farberware kitchen knives to the mall that night.

FBI special agent in charge Richard Thornton told reporters last year that the bright young college student may have been radicalized “almost overnight,” growing withdrawn and scolding relatives for not being more devout….

Authorities have not found contacts between Adan and operatives of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, instead pointing to witness statements that Adan shouted “Allahu akbar,” an Arabic phrase meaning “God is great,” and that he first asked some victims if they were Muslim before stabbing them….

An official ISIS magazine, Rumiyah, further lionized Adan as “our brother Dahir Adan” in its October 2016 publication, listing only the St. Cloud attack among its U.S. “operations” in an annual roundup of the group’s affiliated attacks worldwide. The publication described the stabbing victims as “kuffar,” or disbelievers, and published an image of paramedics tending to a victim outside the mall.

The same issue published an article recommending using knives in attacks because of their wide availability. But, perhaps in response to Adan’s attack, the group “explicitly advised” against kitchen knives “as their basic structure is not designed to handle the kind of vigorous application used for assassinations and slaughter.”

The group also wrote that it was “essential to leave some kind of evidence or insignia identifying the motive and allegiance” to ISIS — either a note pinned to a body or a recorded “final testament if the operation will be of a nature where the expected outcome is one’s shahadah,” or death….

A family friend who declined to be identified for this story said that one year later, he still “didn’t have a clue” as to what happened to Adan….

The opacity of Adan’s case has been difficult for St. Cloud, said Natalie Ringsmuth, who directs #UniteCloud, a nonprofit that has worked to ease cultural tensions. Ringsmuth said the stabbing is still referenced by anti-Muslim activists visiting the city, as recently as last week. Meanwhile, she said not knowing whether Adan was indeed radicalized has curbed the opportunity to discuss preventing a similar episode….

Independent: Focusing on London Tube bomber’s refugee status “shamelessly Islamophobic”

Yes, stopping or even slowing the Muslim migrant influx won’t stop native-born Muslims from waging jihad. Yes, some refugees have no intention of waging jihad or trying to impose Sharia norms over the law of the land. But the argument presented here is ridiculous: “We will not stop terrorism by kicking blameless families of refugees out of the country. This only radicalises would-be terrorists into thinking they are defending their own communities.”

Why is that ridiculous? Because essentially the same argument can be made about any or every counter-terror measure: it will only make “would-be terrorists” think they have to fight back to defend their communities, especially in light of the fact that jihad groups always marshal lists of grievances in order to recruit Muslims to jihad groups, since Islamic law mandates defensive jihad as a universal obligation when Muslims are under attack. Carrying the Independent’s logic to its conclusion, non-Muslim authorities should do nothing whatsoever to resist jihad, for doing anything would be “shamelessly Islamophobic” and “radicalize” “would-be terrorists.”

Sean O’Grady says “staying calm, living normally and refusing to attack Muslim friends and neighbours is the real way to defeat the terrorists.” The British government has been pursuing this policy for years. Yet it still hasn’t defeated the terrorists; not even close. Why?

“Focusing on whether the Parsons Green bomber was a refugee is shamelessly Islamophobic, not to mention pointless,” by Sean O’Grady, Independent, September 17, 2017:

We will not stop terrorism by kicking blameless families of refugees out of the country. This only radicalises would-be terrorists into thinking they are defending their own communities

When I saw the headline “Foster Kid is Bucket Bomber” in The Sun, with similar ones proliferating around the web, my heart sank. A teenage terrorist who may have been a child refugee and taken into foster care is being talked to by the police. It is a godsend to every single foreigner-hating Islamaphobe who will seize on this – our – national tragedy of a narrowly averted mass murder on a packed tube train and say “I told you so”.

It feeds the notion that there are terrorists in the midst of these refugees, including the younger ones, and offers the perfect excuse to ban them from entering this country, no matter how pitiful they appear. Such emotions and hatred are easy to provoke among some. Stop the refugees and other migrants coming in, so that argument runs, and you’ll have less terror. Some will go even further, claiming that if you “deport” the tens of thousands of suspects and individuals surveilled by the authorities you’ll be much closer to solving the problem. The heartbreaking thing is how many people will fall for this false logic and its seductive simplicity. It has to be answered, and not simply ignored or dismissed as casual racism.

Well, if only terrorism was that simple to fight. Since 9/11 and before we have seen how tighter borders and migration controls have done little to prevent terrorists taking their evil work across continents, if they’re intent enough. Terrorists can get visas: they don’t have to hide in lorries. They either enter countries illegally or perfectly legally, in fact, if they are not known to the authorities.

Alternatively, they are citizens born or naturalised in the very communities they attack, in which case immediate migration issues are not relevant. Sometimes their families are as well established as anyone’s, and the shock is as great to the parents as it is to the rest of the world. Terrorists come in many different forms: it is a great mistake to make assumptions about some profile or typical characteristic.

It is certainly true that many currently do what they do in the name of Islam. As has been said many times, but never enough, that this does not make Islam a violent or terrorist creed. It has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with power and politics, as terrorism always has been….

Of course police and border procedures should be there to help prevent known killers moving freely, and arrest people smuggling AK-47s or buckets of chemicals. But even ending all movements across every border – Donald Trump’s “total and complete ban on Muslims” – would not and could not stop someone jumping into a car and mowing people down, whether in London or Baghdad. Or, indeed leaving a simply made concoction of chemicals on a train at Parsons Green. These attacks on Muslims only radicalise would-be terrorists into thinking they are defending their own communities. And so the spiral continues….

UK: Jailed Muslim rape gang leader assaults non-Muslim inmate for opposing terrorism

Shabir Ahmed was leader of a Muslim rape gang; he blamed his conviction on an anti-Muslim conspiracy.

He viciously assaulted James Palmer for saying “terrorists” should be eradicated, even though Palmer didn’t mention Muslims. Ahmed, that racist, bigoted “Islamophobe,” assumed that Palmer was referring to Muslims when he referred to “terrorists.”

Even after the assault, Palmer was anxious to affirm his continued adherence to politically correct fictions: “There’s no denying he took umbrage. I never mentioned Muslims. I said bombers not Muslims. I said Muslims don’t plant bombs do they? And he agreed. That still stands by the way.”

“Prisoner accused of stamping on inmate’s face following row about terror attacks,” by John Scheerhout, Manchester Evening News, September 18, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A prisoner punched another inmate to the ground and then stamped on his face following a row about the Brussels terror attacks, a court heard.

Shabir Ahmed, 64, from Oldham, attacked a 71-year-old fellow inmate at Wakefield prison who had suggested ‘terrorists should be eradicated’ on the day news broke about the outrage in Belgium, a jury was told.

The defendant confronted the elderly inmate and threatened to kill him ‘if you slag off Muslims again’.

The court heard that the defendant later floored the elderly prisoner, sending his false teeth flying, before stamping a number of times on his face and head….

The prosecutor described how Mr Ahmed took exception to comments being made by Mr Palmer at around 8.30am on Tuesday March 22 last year as he was walking with other prisoners to work.

Mr Palmer was discussing the recent Brussels terror attacks with a fellow inmate before suggesting that ‘terrorists should be killed’, said Mr Adlington.

He continued: “The defendant walking in front of him turned around and challenged Mr Palmer about his comments. There was an exchange of words, with the defendant telling Mr Palmer that if you slag off Muslims again he would kill him.”

Mr Palmer headed off to his workplace but when he was returning to his cell the defendant punched him to the face, causing him to fall to the ground, the jurors were told.

He was unaware of what happened after that although two eye witnesses saw Mr Ahmed raise his right foot and stamp on Mr Palmer’s head ‘a number of times’ before being pulled off by other prisoners, according to the prosecution.

Mr Ahmed then walked away, Mr Adlington told the jury.

Mr Palmer was taken to the prison’s healthcare department where he spent a few days being treated for a ‘bust nose’, a cut lip and abrasions to his head, the court heard.

He felt ‘light headed and dizzy’ for some time after alleged attack, the jurors were told….

“I was shocked and horrified again. I said these bombers have got to be eradicated,” he said.

He described how the defendant told him: “You effing insult Muslims again I will effing kill you. I then added Muslims don’t plant bombs do they? He was taken aback by that and said no. I said ‘there you are don’t go getting excited’.”

He described ‘two or three others’ who were friends of the defendant also ‘wanted to get on the issue’.

“I told them, you know, to shove off,” said Mr Palmer.

About three hours later, as he returned to his cell after working Mr Palmer described ‘two figures and fists coming flying at me’.

He said he blocked one blow but was hit in the head by another, sending him to the ground where he hit his head ‘very hard’.

He recalled being ‘kicked and stamped on’.

Under cross-examination, Mr Palmer said he could not defend himself as he was recovering from food poisoning and a chest infection at the time while ordinarily he was ‘perfectly capable of looking after myself’.

Being questioned by John Kennerley, for Mr Ahmed, he strenuously denied he had talked about eradicating Muslims, saying he had used the word eradicate ‘just like President Trump’.

The defendant was a ‘troublemaker’ who was ‘putting a twist on it’.

“There’s no denying he took umbrage. I never mentioned Muslims. I said bombers not Muslims. I said Muslims don’t plant bombs do they? And he agreed. That still stands by the way,” said Mr Palmer, who said he had many Muslim friends….

Iran General: “We have infiltrated into the Americans’ command control centers”

There’s no reason why Iran couldn’t have done this. Any special scrutiny of Muslim officers would be deemed “Islamophobic.”

“Iran Threatens to Drop ‘Father of All Bombs,’” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, September 18, 2017:

A senior Iranian military leader claims the Islamic Republic has developed the “father of all bombs,” a 10-ton bomb that is said to rival the United States’ ‘mother of all bombs,” or MOAB, according to regional reports.

Iranian General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp’s airspace division, claimed in an interview over the weekend with the country’s state-controlled media that Iran has developed the 10-ton bomb and has the capability to drop them from aircraft….

“These bombs are at our disposal, can be launched from aircraft, and they are highly destructive,” Hajizadeh was quoted as telling Iran’s state controlled Fars News Agency.

Hajizadeh described the weapon as the “father of all bombs,” a clear reference to America’s recent use of the MOAB, of Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, which is capable of delivering an 11-ton blast….

“We have infiltrated into the Americans’ command control centers over the recent years,” he was quoted as saying in a television interview broadcast on PressTV, another Iranian-controlled outlet.

“We have been present there,” Hajizadeh continues, referring to U.S. command centers in Iraq and Syria. “We saw what locations they were observing and targeting.”

The Islamic Republic is gearing up to launch at least three new satellites as part of its contested space program, which is believed to provide cover to an advanced long-range ballistic missile program.

UK banks’ lobbying group urges government to prioritize Islamic banking ahead of Brexit

“Eager to safeguard the sector’s growth at a time when London is fighting to retain its status as Europe’s financial hub,” TheCityUK — which represents Britain’s banks and financial institutions — is now calling for the government “to make sure legislation is in place so that corporate Sukuk’s [Islamic bonds] can thrive.”

This directive indicates a new, heightened dependence on Islamic banking, a fact that has immense implications for the UK. “Legal risks for Islamic banks….are significant and arise for various reasons”:

First, as most countries have adopted either the common law or civil law framework, their legal systems do not have specific laws/statutes that support the unique features of Islamic financial products. For example, whereas Islamic banks’ main activity is in trading (murabaha) and investing in equities (musharaka and mudaraba), current banking law and regulations in most jurisdictions forbid commercial banks undertaking such activities

What  this means is that Islamic banking presents a whole new system of finance. This new system may, and will at times, contradict Western banking norms, which are not based on the Sharia, but instead are intricately intertwined with a global free market system, incorporating global market trends. Islamic banking poses a market risk to the West. Breitbart reported that since February, the demand for “shariah-compliant banking” soared in the UK. And now:

The City’s top lobby group is urging the Government to make sure any laws introduced post-Brexit do not dent demand for Islamic finance as enquiries from banks to set up Shariah-compliant services soar.

The UK is headed for trouble. It already has a two-tier legal system, which has allowed Muslim rape gangs to abuse “white girls” en masse with little attention; it has at least 85 operational sharia courts that are “operating beyond the reach of British law“; and now, it is virtually requesting that Islamic banking rescue Britain due to Brexit.

This bears enormous implications for the West, considering the expansionary nature of Islam. Islamic jurisprudence breaks the world up into two abodes: the abode of War (dar al harb) and the abode of Islam (dar al Islam). The UK has not only compromised its legal system to Sharia norms; it is now poised to surrender its financial banking system as well.

“City urges Government to prioritise Islamic finance ahead of possible Brexit boom by Lucy Burton,” UK Telegraph, September 11, 2017:

The City’s top lobby group is urging the Government to make sure any laws introduced post-Brexit do not dent demand for Islamic finance as enquiries from banks to set up Shariah-compliant services soar.

TheCityUK, which represents Britain’s banks and financial institutions, has sent a 32-page report to the UK Government highlighting that assets of UK firms offering Islamic finance services surpassed $5bn (£3.8bn) in 2016, up 11pc in two years.

Eager to safeguard the sector’s growth at a time when London is fighting to retain its status as Europe’s financial hub, the group is calling on the Government to “make sure legislation is in place so that corporate Sukuk’s [Islamic bonds] can thrive,” said Wayne Evans, the group’s adviser in international strategy.

“We’re looking to keep lobbying, talking to HMG [Her Majesty’s Government], to make sure they are aware of the demand,” Mr Evans told The Telegraph. “Enquiries are certainly going up [but we] need to make sure new legislation being introduced [post-Brexit] doesn’t have an implication on Islamic finance.”

Britain was the first non-Muslim country to sell a bond that can be bought by Islamic investors, drawing over £2bn in bids when it issued the sovereign Sukuk in 2014. At the time, former chancellor George Osborne said promoting the industry, now worth over $2tr, could make Britain “the undisputed centre of the global financial system.”

While the UK’s status as a global financial hub is at risk due to Brexit – London’s lucrative euro-clearing market is under threat and the City is expected to lose as many as 40,000 sales, trading and investment banking jobs – Mr Evan’s said the move could encourage Islamic-compliant investment into the UK, provided new rules don’t end up limiting growth.

“If we see more trade with non-EU countries, and encourage more trade with them, then obviously having expertise and a Sharia-compliant string to your bow has got to be an advantage,” he said. “If the UK financial system is going to be more interested in Malaysia, say, then we have been in the past, then there will be more interest in Islamic finance……