U.S. probes possible international terrorism link with Texas jihad shootings

Sharia is Light74

It isn’t as if it is hard to find such a link, but U.S. authorities under Obama are so determinedly clueless that it takes them a great deal of effort to arrive at the obvious. At very least, the shooter appears to have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (Amirul Mu’mineen is Leader of the Believers, i.e., the caliph, and bay’ah is allegiance). Whether it was orchestrated from there or not doesn’t shed much more light on what happened, but since officials are forbidden to study or understand the jihadis’ motivating ideology, they make a great deal out of such matters, however little they warrant such treatment.

“U.S. probes possible international terrorism link with Texas shootings,” Reuters, May 4, 2015:

(Reuters) – U.S. authorities are investigating possible links between gunmen shot dead by police at an anti-Muslim event near Dallas and international terrorist groups, a U.S. government source said on Monday.

The source said the FBI and other U.S. agencies believed the incident on Sunday could have been instigated or directed by foreign-based militants such as Islamic State, which operates mainly in Syria and parts of Iraq.

Texas shooter: “When will the kuffar understand and stop insulting the prophet?”


These tweets (click to enlarge) come from one of the shooters at the AFDI/Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exposition and Cartoon Contest yesterday — Elton Simpson, aka Shariah is Light, aka Abu Hussain al-Britani.

The thing is, Mr. Shariah is Light didn’t live to see it, but the mainstream media coverage last night and this morning abundantly illustrates that the kuffar dounderstand that they must stop insulting the prophet. They understand it very well. They know that when people do something that Islamic jihadis think insults the prophet, that they deserve whatever they get — even murder at the hands of those jihadis. The kuffar know very well that when Islamic jihadis say that if you do something they don’t like, they will kill you, that you better stop doing what they don’t like, and if anything happens, it’s your fault.

The kuffar at the Daily Mail know this. The kuffar at CNN know this. The kuffar at the New York Times know this. Kuffar all over the media know this. They know that when the jihadis say “Jump,” it is the Western non-Muslim’s duty to say “How high?” And if those Western non-Muslims do not jump, and do not ask how high, they are guilty of deliberately provoking them. Of poking them in the eye. If some Muslims don’t like some speech of some non-Muslims, it is up to the non-Muslims to conform his speech and behavior to suit the Muslims. It is not up to the Muslims to learn the virtues of real tolerance in a genuinely pluralistic society.

That is the lesson the media learned from Garland. That is the message that the media elites are busy pumping out to the masses today. When will the kuffar understand and stop insulting the prophet? Today, Mr. Abu Hussain al-Britani. Today.

Cowardly Daily Mail blacks out Muhammad cartoons in story on shooting

UPDATE: The vile Sharia-adherent cowards and trimmers at the Daily Mail have now removed their event photos featuring the blacked-out Muhammad images. I’m glad that I was able to capture the one below before they pulled it.


Daily Mail blacked out photosThis is the problem with the West today. This is why the West is in such serious trouble. This is the cowardice and pusillanimity that rule the day. The Daily Mail is generally clueless, but this is much, much worse than that. This only shows the jihadis that violent intimidation works. Threats and murder work. To kowtow to that is the opposite of journalism and what journalism is supposed to be. If there were still a substantial number of free people in Britain, this would be the end of the Daily Mail. It would be losing readers by the thousands. But it won’t be.

Note also the headline — an “anti-Muslim event.” Muslims who reject the assassination of cartoonists should be standing with us. Muslims who claim to reject jihad terror should be standing with us. The fact that there are none who dare to break ranks and stand with us should be illuminating to careful observers. “Two gunmen ‘carrying explosives’ attack anti-Muslim art contest in Texas: Suspects dead and security guard wounded at ‘draw Muhammad’ event that offered $10k prize,” by Wills Robinson, Daily Mail, May 3, 2015.

Possible shooter at AFDI/JW event: “May Allah accept us as mujahideen”

Sharia is Light

Note that he doesn’t just say, “May Allah accept us as mujahedeen,” but adds the hashtag, #texasattack, strongly suggesting that he expected to become a mujahid at our AFDI/Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibition and Cartoon Contest.

“Bay’ah” is allegiance, and “Amirul Mu’mineen” is the Leader of the Believers, i.e., the caliph. The possible shooter is saying he had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

One of those attending the event wrote to me: “On the way home, the officer driving said that the gunmen were  trying to enter the building to shoot the place up when they were stopped. It seems obvious in retrospect, but that detail eluded us as we were waiting in the various secure locations.”

“Allahu Akbar!!!!! 2 of our brothers just opened fire at the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) art exhibition in texas!”


What the world has witnessed in Paris and Copenhagen is now in the U.S. The freedom of speech is under violent attack. It now remains to be seen whether American authorities will defend it, or will blame the victims and the targets and kowtow yet again to violent intimidation. At this point I’m expecting the latter, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.