New Jersey: Another Muslim arrested for trying to aid the Islamic State


Yet another misunderstander of Islam somehow gets the crazy idea that the completely un-Islamic entity known as the Islamic State was something that merited his support. No doubt John Kerry and David Cameron and Boris Johnson are on their way to West New York right now, so as to explain to Alaa Saadeh that his religion is one of peace.

“Another suspected ISIS sympathizer arrested in New Jersey,” WABC, June 29, 2015:

NEW JERSEY (WABC) — A Hudson County man was arrested at his home Monday morning for allegedly conspiring to provide material support to ISIS, U.S.

Alaa Saadeh, 23, of West New York, is charged by complaint with conspiring with other individuals in New Jersey and New York to provide services and personnel to ISIS, aiding and abetting an attempt to provide services and personnel to ISIL, and attempting to persuade a witness to lie to the FBI.

His lawyer says the American-born suspect had a decent work history and no criminal record.

According to documents filed in the case, the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) have been investigating a group of individuals from New York and New Jersey who have allegedly conspired to provide material support to ISIS.

Conspirator 1 (CC-1) lived in Rutherford until leaving the country on May 5, 2015, allegedly to join ISIS.

Conspirator 2 (CC-2) is a Queens resident until he was arrested in New York on June 13, 2015, on terrorism charges.

Samuel Rahamin Topaz was a Fort Lee resident until he was arrested in New Jersey on June 17, 2015, and charged with conspiring to provide services and personnel to ISIS.

Authorities say when CC-1 attempted to travel to the Middle East via John F. Kennedy International Airport, allegedly in order to join ISIS, he was accompanied by Saadeh and CC-2. On the way to the airport, CC-1 allegedly stated that he, Saadeh, CC-2, and Topaz had plans to reunite overseas within a few weeks.

After CC-1’s departure, and despite learning from CC-1’s family that he had been arrested in Jordan on suspicion of supporting ISIS, Saadeh, CC-2, and Topaz allegedly continued to discuss their plan to travel overseas to join ISIS.

Electronic communications later recovered from Topaz’s phone corroborated their plans. On May 21, 2015, prosecutors say Saadeh and Topaz discussed the need to “lay low” and refrain from taking action in furtherance of the conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS that might be detected by law enforcement.

Saadeh and Topaz also allegedly discussed needing to meet in person to discuss “hijra,” which Topaz later told members of the JTTF that referred to traveling overseas to join ISIL. The next day, Saadeh allegedly told another individual that he suspected that CC-2 or Topaz had “snitched” on CC-1 and caused his arrest overseas, and, if that was true, Saadeh thought he would have to “kill someone.”

In recorded conversations with an informant, Saadeh revealed his support for ISIS, including its use of beheadings and mass killings to impose its violent agenda. He said he planned to travel overseas with CC-2 at some point. Saadeh allegedly said he knew CC-1 planned to travel to join ISIS before CC-1 departed the United States, and that he bought CC-1’s airline ticket despite knowing this.

The investigation also revealed that Saadeh provided CC-1 transportation and removed a SIM card from CC-1’s phone in an apparent effort to hide incriminating communications and other data.

In June, after becoming aware that he was under FBI surveillance, Saadeh allegedly directed an individual in New Jersey not to tell the FBI about CC-1’s support for ISIS or CC-1’s plans to travel to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. Saadeh instructed the individual to “play dumb” and be “honest up to a point,” but to be sure not to tell the FBI anything about ISIS.

With Saadeh’s arrest, the FBI believes it has rounded up the entire group of local young men who had taken up ISIS’ call to join their fight….

Netanyahu to Gaza flotilla: Surely you got lost, meant to help butchered Syrians

Gaza flotilla

Israeli aid to Gaza amounts to 500,000 times more than the flotilla aid. The supporters of “Palestine” are outrageous moral hypocrites.

“Netanyahu to Gaza flotilla: Surely you got lost and meant to help the Syrians being butchered,” by Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post, June 28, 2015 (thanks toPamela Geller):

Israeli officials reiterated on Sunday that Jerusalem has no intention to allow the boats to reach Gaza, and that the organizers are well aware that there is a legal naval blockade of the area.

A “flotilla” of four small boats is expected to sail to the territorial waters outside Gaza by at least Wednesday, and possibly as early as Monday, with Israel making clear that it has no intention of allowing the vessels to break the naval blockade and reach the Gaza Strip.

Among the passengers on the boats are Balad MK Basel Ghattas, whose presence has sparked a Knesset controversy, and former Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki.

Israeli officials reiterated on Sunday that Jerusalem has no intention to allow the boats to reach Gaza, and that the organizers are well aware both that there is a legal naval blockade of the area, and that all humanitarian aid into Gaza can pass through established channels.

“This is just a provocation,” one official said.

The Prime Minister’s Office penned a letter to be given to the some 50 people on the boats expected to be towed into Ashdod, sarcastically welcoming them to Israel and saying that they apparently got lost.

“Perhaps you meant to set sail for a place not far from here – Syria,” the letter reads.

“There the Assad regime is slaughtering its own people every day with the support of the murderous regime in Iran.”

By contrast, the letter reads, Israel is dealing with a reality whereby terrorist organizations like Hamas try to attack innocent civilians.

“Against these efforts we are defending Israeli citizens in accordance to international law,” according to the letter.

The letter spelled out the number of trucks, and tons of aid and material that go into Gaza each day, saying it adds up to about 500,000 times the number of boats in the flotilla. At the same time, he said, Israel is not willing to allow the smuggling of arms to the Gaza Strip via the sea, which has been done repeatedly in the past.

Ann Ighe, a spokeswoman for Ship to Gaza Sweden, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that the flotilla did not expect to be met with aggression by the navy.

“We are hoping for this to be recognized as it is – a political protest against a blockade,” she said from Greece, from where the Marianne av Göteborg – carrying some 18 people – recently embarked.

She said those on board the boat took an oath not to engage in violence by signing contracts that they will resist confrontation in a passive, nonviolent manner. She added that the crew did not expect the vessel to be boarded by security forces, but that they would be prepared for the possibility. This is expected to be the first boat to reach the waters outside Gaza.

Tunisia: Islamic State jihadi knelt to pray to Allah after massacring tourists

Tunisia jihadi

Nothing to be concerned about. David Cameron andBoris Johnson assure us this has nothing to do with Islam. And they couldn’t possibly be wrong, and leading their country to ruin through their determined willful ignorance of the enemy’s identity, motives and goals, could they?

“Filmed from a hotel balcony, the chilling moment ISIS gunman is seen sprinting across Tunisian beach after killing 38 innocent tourists,” by Lydia Willgress, Thomas Burrows and Jennifer Smith, MailOnline, June 28, 2015 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

This is the haunting moment the crazed Tunisian gunman made his escape after slaughtering 38 people.

Seifeddine Rezgui was spotted by a tourist following his 25-minute rampage where he targeted holidaymakers lounging on the beach in Sousse.

The 55-second clip shows the 23-year-old ISIS militant, who was also carrying grenades, dressed in black and running along the edge of the sea.

It emerged as the number of Britons feared to have been killed in the attack rose to 30 on Sunday night.

The families of missing Britons in Tunisia who have not been heard from since Friday’s attack were preparing for the worst on Sunday as it was claimed the death toll of Brits killed in the massacre would double.

The Foreign Office have confirmed at least 15 people killed were British, with the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond warning the number would rise ‘significantly’.

On Sunday as the relatives of the missing arrived in Tunisia, it was claimed at least 30 British lives had been taken in the attack which is the worst on the nation since the 7/7 bombings.

The Foreign Office could not confirm the number when contacted on Sunday night but reinforced Mr Hammond’s guidance the death toll would increase….

It came after haunting footage of Rezgui wandering along the beach with a Kalashnikov in his hand emerged.

In the footage the killer can be seen still carrying the assault rifle he used in the horrifying attack as he turns to sprint up an alley.

The footage, shot from a nearby balcony, was released after a Tunisian police officer revealed he killed the assassin using ‘two bullets’.

The policeman, who wished to keep his identity secret, said he spotted the gunman while he was praying in a side street before he shot him twice.

Following his killing spree, Rezgui stopped outside a housing development belonging to Mayel Moncef, 56.

As bullets rained down on the gunman from rooftop snipers, he dropped to his knees in prayer, allowing a grenade to roll from his hand and into the gutter.

Mr Moncef then picked up a stack of terracotta roof tiles and threw it on the head of the gunman, causing him to stumble. He walked a few yards before the policeman shot him dead.

State Department guilty of ignoring Muslim persecution of Christians

John L. Allen, author of the 2013 bestseller The Global War on Christians and Associate Editor ofCrux Catholic journal, finds that in general, “religion is undervalued” throughout the State Department 2014 “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices,” which derives from the administration’s “demotion of religious liberty to a second-class right,” listed only as a sub-heading.

The Obama-Kerry State Department does not merely analyze the data in a secular manner in order to purge religious references or motivations, it actually leaves out of its reporting numerous high-profile, independently-verified instances of religiously-motivated persecution of Christians by Muslims. This in effect makes the Obama administration “accessories after the fact” to the mushrooming genocide committed by Muslims against Christians.

This is the Obama administration’s logic carried to yet another deplorable conclusion: If you are determined to not acknowledge the religious motivations of Islamic jihadist groups, then you likewise have to downplay Muslim persecution of Christians. This is the same reasoning which keeps the Obama administration from interceding on behalf of Christians imprisoned in Iran, such as Pastor Saeed Abedini.

The Obama policy on Muslim persecution of Christians can be stated as follows: “Ignore it, whether it goes away or not.”

“Author Slams State Department for Ignoring Christian Persecution,” by Thomas D. Williams,Breitbart News, June 29, 2015:

A new article by veteran reporter John L. Allen blasts John Kerry and the State Department for radically discounting Christian persecution its recent Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2014.

Allen, author of the 2013 bestselling book The Global War on Christians, finds that in general, “religion is undervalued throughout the State Department report” and that part of this undervaluing comes from the administration’s demotion of religious liberty to a second-class right. While listing seven categories of human rights problems, it treats religious freedom “as a mere sub-heading” under respect for civil liberties.

In the light of fierce religious liberty battles in the United States, the State Department’s conscious decision to downgrade religious freedom does not bode well for people of faith in America. Saint John Paul II famously referred to religious liberty as “the source and synthesis” of all human rights, since it means “the right to live in the truth of one’s faith and in conformity with one’s transcendent dignity as a person.” When it is treated as a mere afterthought rather than the foundational right it is, religious liberty will always be trumped by other rights.

As an illustration, Allen takes the egregious example of Egypt, where “Christians are the largest and most embattled minority,” noting that “any account of the human rights situation that fails to feature their hardships is seriously incomplete.” Yet this is exactly what the new State Department report does.

The article, title “John Kerry needs a lesson on anti-Christian persecution in Egypt,” enumerates copious examples of barbarous Christian persecution that somehow escaped the unwatchful eyes of the State Department.

Summing up an entire year of human rights violations in Egypt, the report remarkably “cites only one instance of a Christian suffering discrimination,” involving a man charged under anti-blasphemy laws for “liking” a Facebook page critical of Islam.

Of the multiple abuses absent from the State Department report, Allen cites the case of a Coptic Christian named Nabil Soliman, whose house was burned down by a mob in a small Upper Egyptian town called Nazlet el-Badraman in November 2013. Soliman and his wife Sabah, along with their six children were forced to flee the religiously-motivated persecution and settle in another area completely.

The Muslim government then threw Soliman in jail on a trumped-up murder charge for supposedly killing a ruffian who wasn’t even in the same town as Soliman at the time. Even the family of the dead man has acknowledged that the charge has no merits.

In his analysis, Allen finds the omission of this very public story and others like it from the State Department account “both puzzling and alarming.”

If the suffering of Egyptian Christians isn’t worthy of serious American concern, Allen writes, especially since it comes in a country that’s the second-largest recipient of U.S. military and economic aid in the world, “then it’s hard to know what such an outrage might look like.”

It is illustrative to compare the State Department’s treatment of Egypt with the report released by the independent U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

As it has done for the last five years, USCIRF places Egypt on its highest tier of religious freedom violations, designating it a “country of particular concern,” or CPC, under the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA). The denomination as a “country of particular concern”—the former “Watch List—refers to those countries “whose government engages in or tolerates particularly severe violations of religious freedom that are systematic, ongoing and egregious.”

In being listed as a CPC, Egypt keeps company with such countries as Iran, Iraq, North Korea, China, Pakistan and Vietnam, all notorious for their blatant suppression of religious freedom.

According to the USCIRF report, the Egyptian government has not adequately protected religious minorities, particularly Coptic Christians, from violence. It moreover continues to maintain discriminatory and repressive laws and policies “that restrict freedom of thought, conscience, and religion or belief,” while Egyptian courts “continue to prosecute, convict, and imprison Egyptian citizens for blasphemy.”

Somehow all of this was lost on the State Department in its treatment of human rights abuses in Egypt.

This situation certainly bodes poorly for Christians in Egypt, but it also sends a grave message to the American people: that the present administration cares little for people of faith, and persecuted Christians in particular.

Islamic State releases video of Kuwait jihadi, consisting largely of Qur’an verses


As the Islamic State releases a video filled with Qur’an verses, London Mayor Boris Johnson writes in the the Telegraph: “Islamic State? This death cult is not a state and it’s certainly not Islamic: We must settle on a name for our enemies that doesn’t smear all Muslims but does reflect reality.” Obviously Boris Johnson wouldn’t recognize reality if it ran a dull, rusty knife through his neck, chanting Qur’an verses all the while.

“Islamic State releases audio said to be of Kuwait terrorist,” Times of Israel, June 29, 2015:

Islamic State has released an audio recording it says was made by a suicide bomber who killed 27 people in an attack on a Kuwait City mosque on Friday.

The recording — a statement designed to be released after the attack – was said toconsist largely of verses from the Quran, and was released Sunday via social media channels popular with the radical Islamic State group.

In the clip, the speaker can apparently be heard criticizing Shiite Muslims, saying they should expect revenge for what he called insults to Islam.

Very, very soon you will see something unexpected. Expect blood, expect death,” the voice on the recording reportedly says.

On Sunday, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry named the bomber as Saudi national Fahad Suleiman Abdulmohsen al-Gabbaa, who had flown into Kuwait on Friday morning just hours before blowing himself up at the Imam al-Sadeq mosque in Kuwait City….