Canada: Two men blow up IED inside Indian restaurant, multiple injuries

“Two men blow up IED inside Indian restaurant in Canada, multiple injuries,” RT, May 25, 2018:

Police have released a photo of two suspects who detonated an explosive device in a restaurant in Mississauga, a city in the Canadian province of Ontario. At least 15 people have been injured.

Police say they received a call for “an incident” at 10:32 pm and have cordoned off the area. Local media report that there has been an explosion at an Indian restaurant in the central area of the city.

Police and paramedics say the total number of injured people is at least 15.

Some locals are posting on social media that incendiary devices were found at the scene. When asked about those reports, the police media officer neither confirmed nor denied it….

Two men were reportedly seen entering the restaurant seconds before the explosion went off, Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington wrote on Twitter, citing a witness….

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