UK: Islamic State supporter who mocked jihad victims has worked in numerous state schools

If Britons had found this out while he was working in these schools, and called attention to the fact, they would have been roundly denounced as “Islamophobic.” Imran Miah is the face of the new Britain.

“Hate-spewing ISIS supporter, who posted homophobic rants online has been working as a teaching assistant in British secondary schools,” by Omar Wahid and Colin Cortbus, Mail On Sunday, July 15, 2017:

An Islamic State supporter who believes victims of terror attacks will burn in hell has been working as a teaching assistant, a Mail on Sunday investigation can reveal.

Imran Miah, 27, who has taught at a number of secondary schools in Britain, set out his vile agenda on Facebook and Instagram.

He warned that religious opponents face attack with a ‘blunt butter knife’ and issued a series of deeply disturbing homophobic statements. In one sickening post, he endorsed the barbaric execution of homosexuals.

As well as celebrating IS military victories on Facebook, Miah also uploaded a photograph of the terror group’s black flag and mocked the traditional minute’s silence for its victims.

A supply teaching assistant, Miah is believed to have worked at a number of state schools in London and beyond.

Last night, politicians reacted with disbelief that someone with such views could work in schools and called for an urgent police investigation. In common with all teachers, Miah would have been vetted by the criminal record checking service. But as he used a pseudonym online, his rants apparently went undetected.

In recent years the Government have grown increasingly concerned about the risk of radicalisation in schools, though their fears have normally been confined to faith schools and attempts to introduce a radical Islamist ethos.

Last year, tens of thousands of teachers were put through a mass counter terrorism training programme to help them spot and report potential extremists.

Worryingly, Miah, who lives in Manor Park, East London, is understood to have taught only in state schools.

Our enquiries also revealed that the boxing and martial arts enthusiast posted an advertisement for the nearby Ilford gym that was used by the three London Bridge attackers as an impromptu headquarters before they mowed down three people and killed five others in knife attacks last month.

In September 2015 on Facebook, Miah expressed anger at how children are encouraged to be tolerant of homosexuality, saying: ‘No child is safe, from nursery to secondary. These schools are breeding factories… of future gay rights activists.’ Elsewhere, he quoted an apparent Islamic classical source, stating: ‘The highest point in the town should be found and the homosexual should be thrown head first from it, then stones should be thrown at him.’

Such barbaric executions often took place in Raqqa, the IS’s capital in Syria, with footage posted on social media….

And calling himself a Sunni Muslim, he insults Shia Muslims as ‘apostates’ and threatens ‘the likes of your kind’ with ‘a blunt butter knife’.

After posting his homophobic rant Miah uploaded a photo of homework he was marking. The picture was accompanied by a message beseeching God to help him fulfil his ambition to become a fully qualified teacher.

He said: ‘I consider my position one that is blessed regardless of how slow it takes for me to… reach my aspirations and fulfil my ambitions as an academic who longs to impart knowledge and benefit others.’

Teaching assistants can work with individual pupils or with groups of children and undertake duties that free up a teacher’s time, such as preparing the classroom. A recent study suggested that they are increasingly used to cover lessons….


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