Pakistan: Christian arrested for blasphemy for criticizing Muhammad

In the enlightened West, people aren’t arrested for criticizing Muhammad. They’re just excoriated as racist, bigoted Islamophobes, and shunned by all decent people. Everyone the world over agrees that Muhammad, alone of all human beings, must never be criticized.

“Police arrests Christian man on blasphemy charges in Gujrat,” The Nation (Pakistan), July 15, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

GUJRAT: A Christian man, from Kharian Tehsil, was arrested on blasphemy charges.

The police moved the suspect to another place as there were rumors that the religious groups may attack the police station.

Nadeem Ahmed, owner of an electric shop in Dinga town, filed a complaint with the police that a friend of his Ishtiaq Ahmed Jalali informed him on Thursday that a Christian sweeper allegedly had uttered remarks against the Holy Prophet. The sweeper worked at a private hospital.

According to Nadeem, when he asked the sweeper if he had said anything regarding the Prophet he verified the allegation and repeated the same remarks. Gujrat SP Maaz Zafar reached Dinga after the police had received the complaint….


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