Never turn your back on the mosque

Even by the standards of relentless Jihad we see in Israel, Friday’s attack which murdered two Israeli Druze policemen was something unusual. In video released by Israeli police, we see the reason why these two brave, well-trained and highly disciplined Druze policemen were murdered so easily. They had their backs to the threat. They were stationed at one of the entrances to Islam’s so-called “third holiest site,” the site of the Al Aqsa Mosque, the “Noble Sanctuary” built on the ruins of the Second Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

This was an entrance only for Muslims. This is in the heart of the “Muslim Quarter,” and only Arabs would be using this entrance to access the Temple Mount. Policemen guarding this are, I can only presume, stationed there to prevent anyone else going up to attack the mosque, and for reasons of crowd control, especially at times when thousands of Muslims make their way up there to pray.

We now also know the identities of the three terrorists. They do not come from anywhere that can be considered “occupied.” They’re from the Israeli Arab town of Um Al Fahm in northern Israel.

These two brave men were murdered in an act of Islamic terrorism for defending an Islamic holy site. That is what glorifies Allah apparently, and furthers the cause of relentless Jihad.

It should be noted that if a Jew or a Christian is seen silently moving their lips, they stand to be thrown off the Temple Mount for fear that they were saying a silent prayer. The last time I was on the Temple Mount was with Tommy Robinson. However, Tommy only made it to the entrance, whereupon the tattoos on his arms (and on the body of his black friend) were spotted. They were offered veils to cover up with (as are given to the women), but when the Jordanian religious police (Waqf) demanded they pay for these veils, Tommy and his friend both refused. They were escorted straight to the exit.


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