UK: 5 jihad terror attacks thwarted in last few weeks, one within minutes of being carried out

One of the reasons why Britain is dealing with so many jihad terror attacks is its refusal to confront their source and motivating ideology. This article is a case in point: neither Cressida Dick nor the Telegraph say straight out who these terrorists are. The only way to tell is the reference to being “radicalized,” and to the “colleagues overseas.” Only jihadis, not “right-wing extremists,” are an international threat, and the term “radicalized” is primarily used of peaceful Muslims who turn to jihad. That we have to read the tea leaves in this way to figure out what is going on is indication of a problem that British authorities fear to face squarely, and thus have no chance of dealing with adequately.

“UK terror plot thwarted within minutes of execution, Met chief reveals,” Telegraph, July 14, 2017:

Police have thwarted five terror attacks in the last few weeks including some which were “very close” to being carried out, Britain’s most senior police officer has said….

Speaking on Nick Ferrari’s show on LBC on Friday, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said a “very large number of plots” have been foiled over the last few years.

Pressed on exactly how many attacks have been thwarted, she said that in “just the last few weeks”, five have been averted….

“In addition, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of arrests of people who are radicalised, and are either spreading hatred or supporting terrorism, or want to carry out a terrorist attack.

“We have had a huge number of successful operations, together with the intelligence agencies and we work very closely with them and with colleagues overseas.”…

When asked if they were “within minutes” of being carried out, Ms Dick replied: “Yes.”


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