UK report: Saudis funding “extremism,” May accused of coverup, “kowtowing” to Saudis

The Saudi funding of “extremism” throughout the West is no secret. The UK has become a model country for colossal cover-ups: first there was the mass rape of young girls by Muslim grooming gangs and the facilitation of abuse of women in its sharia courts, and now there is the Henry Jackson Society report below about the Wahhabi ideology being exported to Britain (and throughout the West) by Saudi Arabia, and covered up by Theresa May.

Theresa May has long kowtowed to Muslims — not only to Saudi Arabia — much like other Western leaders, all in the name of “diversity” and “multiculturalism.” To challenge Islamic supremacism and the jihad ideology would render them “Islamophobic” and “racist,” terms they are afraid of to the extent of being willing to betray their nation’s democratic traditions in order to avoid being tagged with them.

“Report: Saudi Arabia Funding Extremism, PM May Accused of ‘Kowtowing’”, by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, July 5, 2017:

An extensive new report has drawn a link between recent terror attacks and the foreign funding of UK mosques, mainly coming from Saudi Arabia, which “is heavily involved in exporting an illiberal, bigoted Wahhabi ideology.”

The document also slams the Prime Minister Theresa May, who visited Saudi Arabia earlier this year, for “kowtowing” to Saudi Arabia by “suppressing” a government report into the funding of extremism in the UK. Last month she was accused of a “cover-up”

The inquiry was authorised by former Prime Minster David Cameron in 2015 in exchange for Liberal Democrat support for bombing Islamic State in Syria. It was initially due to be shown to then-Home Secretary Mrs. May and Mr. Cameron.

The Henry Jackson Society, who produced the recent report, is now calling for a public inquiry into the Gulf States allegedly fuelling Islamist extremism and even terrorism in British mosques.

The think tank list “numerous” example of violent jihadists who have been linked to foreign-funded mosques and preachers, some of whom have travelled to fight with Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Labour MP Dan Jarvis, a former soldier, said in a statement: “This report from the Henry Jackson Society sheds light on what are extremely worrying links between Saudi Arabia and the funding of extremism here in the UK.

“In the wake of the terrible and tragic terrorist attacks we’ve seen this year, it is vital that we use every tool at our disposal to protect our communities.

“This includes identifying the networks that promote and support extremism and shutting down the financial networks that fund it…..


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