UC-Berkeley: Despite police statement to contrary, Muslim Student Association calls teen’s killing “hate crime”

Actual anti-Muslim hate crimes are so thin on the ground that the entire narrative that Muslims are more victimized than victimizers in contemporary American society, and that therefore counterterror efforts are a manifestation of “Islamophobia” and should be curtailed, is in constant danger of collapsing altogether. So incidents that are not anti-Muslim hate crimes have to be pressed into service. Dishonest? Sure. But after all, Muhammad said, “War is deceit.”

“Despite police statement to contrary, Muslim Student Association calls teen’s killing ‘hate crime,’” College Fix, July 2, 2017:

The UC-Berkeley Muslim Student Association held a vigil this past Tuesday for a (Muslim) teenager killed on June 18 in what they’re calling a “hate crime.”

Nabra Hassanen and friends were heading home from their local Virginia mosque when they were confronted by motorist Darwin Martinez Torres. Torres allegedly assaulted Hassanen, ultimately killing her.

Law enforcement officials charged Torres, an illegal immigrant, with murder. They call the incident one of “road rage” and say there’s no evidence by which to call it a hate crime.

The Berkeley MSA isn’t buying that, however. Chapter President Sarah Bellal said “Hopefully in recognizing who [Hassanen] was, we can also recognize the realities of racism, misogyny and Islamophobia and their intersections.”

More from The Daily Californian:

Participants at the vigil […] said they believe that the incident was a hate crime….

Emily Gottreich, a professor in the campus history department, alleged in an email she believes while this incident may have been instigated because of road rage, it is clearly an anti-Muslim and anti-female hate crime.

“Islamophobia (along with other forms of racism) has been latent in the US for a long time,” Gottreich said in an email. “Muslims are being targeted simply for practicing their religion during the holiest month of the year for them. It is unacceptable.”…


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