Indonesia: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs two police officers with bayonet at mosque

The police officers were inside the mosque praying, but since Indonesia is not a Sharia state, the attacker doubtless thought they were heretics or apostates for placing themselves at the service of an infidel government. Hence they were liable to Islam’s death penalty for such offenses.

“Two police officers attacked at mosque,” Jakarta Post, June 30, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

An unknown assailant reportedly attacked two police officers at a mosque near the National Police headquarters in South Jakarta on Friday evening.

“An attack on two police officers occurred tonight,” the National Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Martinus Sitompul told reporters on Friday….

According to the police, the two police officers were completing their prayers at Falatehan Mosque, across from the National Police headquarters in South Jakarta, when the assailant suddenly stabbed the officers using a bayonet. The suspect stabbed the officers after shouting, “Thogut!”

Thogut is an Arabic word for those who worship anything other than God.

From the mosque, the suspect ran to the nearby Blok M bus station. When another police officer fired a warning shot, the assailant turned around and ran toward the officer and tried, but failed to stab him while shouting, “Allahu akbar!” He was reportedly shot dead….


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