Muslim couple leaves Islam because it’s a “religion of war” full of “venomous misogyny”

How interesting that this couple sees Islam as a “religion of war,” the same words that jihadi Shamim Ahmed used. Those who insist that this is a misunderstanding of Islam propagated by greasy Islamophobes have yet to explain why this supposed misunderstanding is so widespread, even among Muslims.

“‘The Quran states that a woman is half a man’: Why an Australian Muslim couple turned their backs on Islam because it is a ‘religion of war’ riddled with ‘venomous misogyny,’” by Bryant Hevesi, Daily Mail Australia, June 17, 2017 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

A couple who both grew up as Muslims in Pakistan have told why they turned their backs on Islam.

Sami Shah and Ishma Alvi, who became Australian citizens in January and live in Melbourne with their young daughter, said extremism, sexism and misogyny were key reasons why they opted out of the religion.

The couple also explained the reasons for their transition by citing passages from the Quran, which Mr Shah has described as ‘maddening as a text’.

An edited extract from Mr Shah’s latest book, The Islamic Republic of Australia, which details the move from Muslim to non-Muslim was published in The Weekend Australian magazine on Saturday.

Mr Shah said for Muslims to turn their backs on Islam, the controversial move can be punishable by death but he was happy to now be living openly as an atheist.

While he grew up in Pakistan, a Muslim country, he found himself gradually turning away from Islam over time, angered by violent attacks committed by extremists in the name of religion.

‘What stood out for me wasn’t just the mass murder and carnage initiated by the extremists but also their religious justification for it,’ Mr Shah said.

‘The religion I had been told my entire life was a religion of peace – an argument I myself had propagated when ­confronted with Islam’s critics while studying in America – was ­comfortably being used as a ­religion of war.’

Mr Shah said he was happy to now be living in Australia where he did not have his daily life heavily influenced by Islam and for his daughter to have the same freedoms and he enjoys.

Ms Alvi, a psychologist, said she believed Islam was not female-positive, a notion she first came to when she was aged 17.

‘I started seeing Islam as swinging between benevolent sexism [if there is such a thing] and venomous misogyny,’ she said….


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