Islamic State beheads 12 civilians in Raqqa for possessing satellite devices

385965890591261671.jpgMasked militants of the ISIS radical group executing a Syrian man. File photo

Raqqa – Islamic State (ISIS) militants ransacked civilian houses on Sunday, in Syria’s northeastern Raqqa Governorate. Local sources reported that ISIS-controlled al-Hisba police confiscated dozens of satellite receivers and arrested the owners.

ISIS extremists executed at least 12 people in Raqqa for possessing satellite devices, activists told ARA News.

ISIS claimed that the confiscations and executions were part of a broader campaign against “corrupt television.”

“The jihadist group beheaded 12 men in the Meshallab neighbourhood in central Raqqa for using satellite receivers,” media activist Khalid al-Omari told ARA News.

“The victims were brutally executed in public on charges of violating the Caliphate’s rules,” the source said.

ISIS militants destroyed the collected devices, and threatened to mercilessly punish anyone in possession of satellite receivers.


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