Imam of the Kaaba: “Terrorism is the biggest problem and Islam has no link with it. Terrorists have no religion.”

The terrorists disagree. One Islamic State propagandist’s parents said of him: “Our son is a devout Muslim. He had learnt the Quran by heart.” One Malaysian Muslim said that the Qur’an led him to join the Islamic State. A Muslima in the U.S. promoted the Islamic State by quoting the Qur’an.

In its communiqués, the Islamic State quotes the Qur’an copiously. They quote it in threats to blow up the White House and conquer Rome and Spain; in explaining its priorities in the nations it is targeting in jihad; in preaching to Christians after collecting the jizya (a Qur’an-based tax, cf. Qur’an 9:29); in justifying the execution of accused spies; and in its various videos.

ISIS’s beheadings (47:4), sex slavery (4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30), subjugation of Christians (9:29), global imperative (8:39) and more are all based upon the Qur’an. ISIS has also awarded$10,000 prizes and sex slaves in Qur’an memorization contests. One of its underground lairs was found littered with weapons and copies of the Qur’an. Children in the Islamic State study the Qur’an and get weapons training. It has instituted fines for not knowing the Qur’an well enough.

By “terrorism,” Sudais may be referring only to the actions of Israel and the U.S.


“Terrorism can’t be linked to any religion: Imam-e-Kaaba,” Express Tribune, September 12, 2016:

Imam-e-Kaaba Abdul Rahman al Sudais delinked Islam from terrorism in a sermon as the Hajj reached its high point on Sunday with nearly two million pilgrims converging on Mount Arafat.

The pilgrims gathered from sunrise at Mount Arafat to spend the most important day of the Hajj in prayer and reading from the Holy Quran….

In his wide-ranging sermon, the Imam-e-Kaaba said terrorism cannot be linked with a particular religion or nation, Islam is a religion of peace and has nothing to do with terrorism. “Muslim rulers will have to address the collective problems realising their responsibilities. Terrorism is the biggest problem and Islam has no link with it. Terrorists have no religion,” he said….

At midday prayer hundreds of thousands prostrated themselves, men and women side-by-side, in wide alleys that run between prefabricated pilgrim lodgings. Under multicoloured parasols to protect against the burning sun, the mass of people moved through broad streets which are closed to traffic around Mount Arafat. Throughout the day the faithful chant a traditional Hajj incantation, “God, here I am.”

From a distance, the hill appeared a snowy white from the seamless two-piece white garment, ihram, worn by male pilgrims. They come from every corner of the globe, but Indonesia — the most populous Muslim nation — has the largest contingent.

“I have the impression of standing exactly in front of God,” said Khadem Ndyaye, 47, of Senegal. “Muslims came here from everywhere and we are all the same. If all the world was like that, there wouldn’t be any war. Here, we feel that Islam is a religion of peace.”…


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