France: Muslim migrant mobs riot, storm motorway, battle police

Europe’s new normal.

France police8

“CALAIS WARZONE: Riot police fire tear gas to hold back HUNDREDS of UK-bound migrants,” by Giles Sheldrick, Express, September 2, 2016:

RIOT police fired tear gas into the notorious Calais “Jungle” yesterday to hold back hundreds of UK-bound migrants.

Marauding gangs attempted to storm the motorwaey leading to the port as the crisis in the town spirals out of control.

Refugees lit fires and barricaded the road as they tried to ambush traffic heading to the ferry terminal.

The chaos forced traffic to a standstill for over an hour as heavily armed officers desperately battled to restore order.

The tense stand off saw riot police in body armour and carrying shields fire tear gas into the shantytown as balaclava-clad refugees taunted them.

One officer said: “This is happening regularly – the migrants try to get on to the motorway.”…


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