France: Far-Left Antifa writer and 12-year-old son savagely attacked by Muslims shouting ‘filthy white’

Islamic supremacists are once again enforcing their Sharia law in the West and trying to silence free speech with violence and intimidation. How dare anyone insult Islam or its prophet? Such shame and blasphemy is worthy of death according to their zealously-held ideology. These jihadi thugs need to be severely dealt with in the West, perhaps with stiffer sentences, as they not only victimize the people who supposedly violated their Sharia, but such crimes are also an assault on democracy itself.

Ghislain Gilberti and his twelve-year-old son were “savagely attacked” while his 11-year-old daughter watched her father being beaten unconscious. The attack was said to have been committed by a group of men shouting “filthy white” — apparently Islamic supremacists enraged “that the prologue title of the novelist’s bestseller is ‘jihad.”

His family had already been suffering harassment, attempted break-ins and death threats “from Salafis.”

This attack is highly ironic, since Antifa is a far-Left group that frequently brutalizes opponents of jihad terror. In light of that, it is not surprising that Gilberti thinks his attackers are “unintelligent” and only “skimmed” his book, and insists that he did not insult Islam. This is a misconception held by many Westerners, particularly on the Left. Jihadist thugs are not unintelligent. Islamic supremacists consider themselves to have been shamed by any trace of negative response to Islam that draws widespread attention. They see such criticism as an insult to Islam and worthy of punishment. Antifa’s thuggish activity on their behalf does not exempt them from that punishment if they are seen to have crossed the line.

Gilberti France

“Antifa Writer Beaten Up By Muslims Shouting ‘Filthy White’”, by Virginia Hale, Breitbart, September 5, 2016:

Writer Ghislain Gilberti and his son were savagely attacked on Saturday by a group of men shouting “filthy white”, seemingly Islamists enraged by one of his novels, police in France have heard.

Mr Gilbert and his 12-year-old son were attacked in Belfort, France on Saturday following harassment and attempted break-ins. Though an active antifascist, the writer and his family have received death threats from Salafists displeased that the prologue title of the novelist’s bestseller is “jihad”.

Police are investigating after Mr Gilberti was taken to hospital with a broken arm by firemen, following a reported street attack by Salafist Muslims.

Mr Gilberti said he received blows to his back before being called a “filthy white” by four men aged between 20 and 30 years, who held him down while attacking.

The author reported the men also kicked his 12-year-old son in the head and stomach, shouting “it’s the same price for you” and “we don’t forgive, we don’t forget” at his 11-year-old daughter who was also present.

The thriller novelist lost consciousness during the beating and, following the attack, will again request full police protection, Mr Gilberti’s publisher broadcast on Facebook.

Police say they are aware of the incident, have interviewed witnesses and that they are currently trying to determine the circumstances of the assault.

L’est Republicain reported that Salafists began threatening the author and his family, and harassing them in their own home following the paperback release of Mr Gilberti’s novel The Feast of the Snake.

The book features a fictional jihadist group who finance their actions by means of international drug trafficking. The novelist was assigned temporary police protection following incidents in March.

Mr Gilberti said he suspects Muslim critics who denounce his novel as “insulting [their] cause” are unintelligent. He remarked: “The authors of the threats have not read the book, or they have just skim read it. I did not insult Islam in the book….


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