France: Car packed with gas canisters found outside synagogue during Shabbat services

Muslims recently left a car packed with gas canisters outside Notre Dame Cathedral.


“French reports: Booby-trapped car found outside Marseille synagogue,” Times of Israel, September 10, 2016:

The French media reported Saturday that a car containing gas canisters was found outside a synagogue in the southern port city of Marseille.

According to the reports, the suspicious vehicle was spotted at around 11 a.m. Saturday at the Bar Yohaye synagogue and community center, at a time when Jewish worshipers are likely to be attending Shabbat services. Two gas canisters were reportedly found inside the vehicle. A cordon has been erected in the area.

French Jews have previously been targeted by by Islamist extremists.

The incident comes two days after Paris officials said they foiled a plot to detonate gas canisters near Notre Dame Cathedral, a plan they said was guided from Syria by the Islamic State group….


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