Pro-Sharia Jewish lesbian Sally Kohn keeps digging the hole deeper

Sally Kohn, CNN political commentator famous for the “dumbest tweet of the year,” is at it again. As if “educating” Donald Trump on the Sharia-supporting progressive Muslims wasn’t enough, Sally continues to spar with her Twitter followers over the basic principles of Sharia law. Thankfully the vast majority of them mock her tweets, including one user who created a petition called “Petition Sally Kohn Spend one week in a country where Sharia is the law for LGBTQ-rights (without bodyguards).”

Islam’s hatred for Jews combined with the Sharia death penalty for homosexuals makes Sally a very easy target for abuse in the Muslim world – and over there it’s not just abuse via the Internet.

sally 1
So these gay feminist Muslims must go against the Quranic teachings that render them inferior to men, and realize that the Sharia they practice condemns them to death for being gay.

sally 2

These Turkish men celebrating Pride in Istanbul were subsequently attacked by Turkish police using rubber bullets and tear gas. So much for that myth that Turkey is a “moderate” Muslim nation. Well, they aren’t throwing anybody off of buildings…yet.

sally 3

But don’t worry – Sally understands Sharia now. Her Twitter account will surely provide more entertainment via cognitive dissonance in the days to come!


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