Oklahoma: Judge rules Muslim who beheaded coworker not competent to enter guilty plea

This is yet another instance in which authorities ascribe Islamic jihad activity to mental illness. And this case is particularly egregious: authorities in Oklahoma are taking the fanatical attachment to Islam of Jah’Keem Yisrael (formerly Alton Nolen) as an indication that he is insane. Texas neuropsychologist Antoinette McGarrahan told the judge: “He has lost touch with reality. It has gone to that extreme. He can’t think rationally because he firmly believes he is being held captive, and we are all evil and the devil.”

Now wait a minute. He is in jail, no? So he is being held captive. And his Qur’an calls unbelievers “the most vile of created beings” (98:6), so how is it evidence of insanity that he thinks his captors and their associates are “all evil and the devil”?

SMU professor Robert Hunt, “an expert on Islamic beliefs,” claimed that the beheading was not in accord with Islamic law because “the use of beheading by ISIS is in the context of perceived crimes against the Muslim community and involves trials, however unjust, and a finding of guilt. They do not involve settling personal disputes.” Hunt did not note that the Qur’an says “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (47:4), without noting that one must not do this in the context of personal disputes.

Hunt also abetted the claim that the beheader is insane by noting that “Nolen would not agree to an interview in the jail. Hunt said Nolen called him a ‘white heathen’ and walked out.” Of this, Hunt said: “He appears to be living in a fantasy world.” Why? What is evidence that he is living in a fantasy world that he doesn’t want to talk to an unbeliever and refers to him as such?

Jah’Keem Yisrael “justified his actions based on his reading of the Quran and stated that he would do the same thing again to anyone who oppressed him.” And since everyone who isn’t a racist, bigoted Islamophobe knows that the Qur’an teaches nothing but peace and benevolence, this must mean that he is insane.

Impressive zebibah

“Judge Rules Alton Nolen Not Competent To Enter Guilty Plea In Moore Beheading Case,”News9.com, August 17, 2016 (thanks to Bulldog):

MOORE, Oklahoma – A judge has ruled that a man, accused of beheading his coworker at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma, is not competent to enter a guilty plea in this case.

Wednesday morning, the judge declined Alton Nolen’s plea until further evaluation. The state mental hospital in Vinita will handle his testing and treatment.

Since the beginning, Nolen has stated he wants to plead guilty and receive the death penalty for the September 2014 attack at Vaughan Foods in Moore, where he killed coworker Colleen Hufford by beheading her and tried to attack two others.


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