Canada: Convert to Islam killed by police after he “detonated a device, wounding himself and another person”

Aaron Driver, after having made the fatal decision to convert to the jihadist death cult, stated to CBC last year that he “didn’t think Muslims belonged in the West and that their ways of life weren’t compatible with Canada’s.” A little over a year later, Driver, whose Muslim name was Harun Abdurahman, has reportedly been shot dead by police, following their account of “credible information of a potential terrorist threat”, which lead to a raid and the shooting of Driver when he “detonated a device, wounding himself and another person.”

Last year Jihad Watch reported about Aaron Driver, stating:

“We see it again and again: when someone in the West converts to Islam, he or she no longer considers himself to be a citizen of the country of his birth. Loyalty to the umma, the global Muslim community, supersedes all national allegiances.”

Driver defended a 2014 jihadist attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada but stated that he was no threat himself, even though indicating on social media that “’retaliation’ and the death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo ‘justified’ for Canada’s role in bombing Muslims in Syria and Iraq”. Here, Driver manifested the ubiquitous mindset of jihadist hatred, driven on by a propagandist brainwashing of an anti-West (anti-Israel) mantra and backed by a religious zeal that endows these jihadists with a false sense of “heroic” purpose to “kill in the way of Allah”, thus becoming martyrs, rewarded in  paradise with 72 virgins.

Driver was subsequently arrested in 2015; after his release, he mocked: “I think they were hoping that after arresting me they’d find something, you know, they’d find things on my hard drive or my phone….They probably think they’d find a gold mine and they didn’t, so I think that’s why I’m out right now and I’m not in jail.” Interesting also was a comment he made about what apparently inspired his conversion to Islam. He stated of the Bible:

“I just decided it couldn’t possibly be the word of God, so I started watching debates to find some answers. A lot of debates between Christians and atheists and Christians and Muslims, and the Muslims were always destroying them in these debates.”

Aaron Driver

“Canada Police Kill Suspect After Receiving ‘Terrorist Threat’ Tip”, Breitbart, August 11, 2016:

(Reuters) – Canadian police killed a man on Wednesday, national television news channels reported, after the police said they had identified a suspect after receiving “credible information of a potential terrorist threat”.

The suspect was killed during a police raid in a small Ontario town, CTV News and CBC News reported.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said in a statement they had identified a suspect in a national security threat and taken action to ensure the safety of the public. No further details were provided.

Intelligence sources told Reuters that the suspect was Aaron Driver, who was arrested last year for openly supporting the Islamic State militant group on social media. The sources declined to be identified because they did not have permission to speak to the media.

The sources said Driver, who also uses the alias Harun Abdurahman, lives in Strathroy, Ontario, a small community some 225 km (140 miles) southwest of Toronto.

Driver’s death was not yet officially confirmed and his lawyer was not immediately available for comment.

Reports on Twitter late on Wednesday said police had raided a home in Strathroy in relation to the RCMP threat incident. Reporters on the scene later tweeted that the coroner had arrived and a body bag had been loaded into an official vehicle.

The London Free Press newspaper, citing family members, reported that Driver was shot by police after he detonated a device, wounding himself and another person. There was no immediate confirmation of that report.

Driver had not been charged with a crime but in February he was placed on a peace bond, a court order that restricted his movements, required that he stay away from social media and computers and not have contact with Islamic State or similar groups.

He said in February he did not think Canadians should fear him and that people should not be persecuted for their political beliefs, according to CBC news…


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