Pakistan hospital jihad attack kills over 70; should raise questions

Although Pakistan’s Prime Minister and other high-level officials have denounced the attacks, and many continue to blame the Taliban and even India, ongoing evidence shows up Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism — which should raise questions about the origins of such jihad attacks.

Pakistan has long been a breeding ground for Islamic jihad terrorists operating in South Asia.

After the launch of Operation Enduring Freedom, mujahideen who were driven out of Afghanistan took refuge in Pakistan. In fact, Pakistan’s military and its Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency have been training and funding terrorist groups operating within Afghanistan and India, “including the decades long terrorism campaign in Indian Kashmir and the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. The links have long been clear, given that the Pakistani terrorist groups operate in plain sight and have a very distinct Afghan and Indian focus. The massive leak of U.S. Intelligence data on the Wikileaks website further showed the complicity of the Pakistani state with terrorist groups.”


“Pakistan hospital bomb attack kills dozens in Quetta”, BBC News, August 8, 2016:

A suicide bomb attack has killed at least 70 people at a hospital in Quetta in south-west Pakistan, officials say.

About 120 others were injured in the blast, which happened at the entrance to the emergency department where the body of a prominent lawyer shot dead earlier on Monday was being brought.

The casualties included lawyers and journalists accompanying the body of Bilal Anwar Kasi.

A faction of the Pakistani Taliban has said it was behind the bombing.

Jamaat-ul-Ahrar said it had also carried out the earlier attack on Mr Kasi, who was president of the Balochistan Bar Association and had been shot while on his way from his home to the main court complex in Quetta.

Witnesses described scenes of chaos after the hospital blast, with “bodies everywhere” and survivors shouting for help through the smoke and dust.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and chief of army staff Gen Raheel Sharif have both gone to Quetta and will hold talks with security officials.

Gen Sharif met some of those wounded at the Quetta Civil Hospital…


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