UN chief removed Saudi Arabia from blacklist of human rights abusers after Saudis threatened to cut UN funding

A clear admission that the UN is thoroughly compromised and sold out to interests that are at clear variance with its (long forgotten) stated mission. If we had an administration in Washington that cared about American interests, the US, not the Saudis, would be cutting funding for the UN.

Also: what else have the Saudis bought? A full revelation of their paid-for lackeys among the American political media elites would be eye-opening, but is unlikely to be forthcoming.


“U.N. Chief Says He Went Soft on Saudi Arabia and Allies to Avoid Aid Cut,” by Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy, June 9, 2016 (thanks to John):

Ban Ki-moon, the U.N. secretary-general, confirmed Thursday he was essentially blackmailed into removing the Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen from a U.N. blacklist of countries, rebel movements, and terrorist groups that have killed, maimed, or otherwise abused children in conflict.

The move follows Foreign Policy’s exclusive report Tuesday that Saudi Arabia privately threatened to break relations with the United Nations and cut hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian and counterterrorism funds if it was not taken off the list. In response to the threat, Ban agreed Monday to remove Saudi Arabia and its allies from the blacklist, pending a joint review of the matter by the U.N. and representatives of the Saudi-led coalition.

The decision sparked sharp criticism from human rights advocates, who accused the U.N. chief of capitulating to pressure.

But Ban hit back publicly on Thursday, telling reporters he continues to stand by the report’s finding that the Saudi-led coalition is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Yemeni children. Though he didn’t single out Saudi Arabia by name, Ban told reporters in a prepared statement that unnamed countries threatened to cut off financial support for vital U.N. programs if Saudi Arabia and its allies were not removed from the list.

U.N. officials said Ban received calls of protest from senior officials from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and other close Saudi allies who demanded the stigma be lifted.

Privately, U.N.-based officials said senior Saudi representatives, including Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, threatened to cut funding to such vital programs as those for displaced Palestinians and destitute Yemenis. They also said Riyadh raised the specter that other Arab nations, principally the oil-rich Persian Gulf states, would also follow suit, risking billions of dollars in humanitarian aid commitments….


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