Young women burned alive by Islamic State captors for refusing them sex

While the West gets pounded with emotionally charged accusations of historic colonialism and the Crusades, brute slavery is happening today, while willful blindness prevails in the face of political correctness. A female Al-Azhar University theology professor, Suad Saleh, described the rules of historic Islamic ownership of women and girls captured in war. She stated, according to MEMRI:  “In order to humiliate them, they become the property of the army commander, or of a Muslim, and he can have sex with them just like he has sex with his wives.”

That practice of sex slavery was interrupted and its expansion stymied by British and French authorities during the colonial era, but it never stopped. It has gained renewed momentum with the Islamic State humiliating, torturing and murdering these innocents. According to Koran 33:50: “O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those (slaves) whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee.”

So what happens if these captured slave girls refuse these brutes? 19 Yazidi girls sure found out. They were burned alive in iron cages at the hand of their Islamic State captors. Where are Western feminist outcries on behalf of women’s rights in such heinous Jihadi abuses?


“19 Yazidi girls burned alive for refusing to have sex with their ISIS captors”, Fox News, June 6, 2016:

Nineteen Iraqi Yazidi girls who refused to have sex with their Islamic State captors were placed in iron cages and burned alive in front of a crowd of hundreds in Mosul on Thursday, activists and witnesses say.

“The 19 girls were burned to death, while hundreds of people were watching,” a witness told ARA News. “Nobody could do anything to save them from the brutal punishment.”

ISIS took the girls – and thousands of others — as sex slaves after overtaking a northern Iraqi region they called home in August 2014.

“They were punished for refusing to have sex with ISIS militants,” local activist Abdullah al-Malla told ARA News…….


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