The Islamic State calls rival al-Qaeda “Jews of Jihad”

More slander, hate and propaganda against the Jews continue to be spread by jihadists. It wasn’t enough for Iran to accuse the U.S of backing the Islamic State and the “Zionist Regime”. Now the Islamic State is calling its rival terrorist organization, al-Qaeda, “Jews of Jihad”, once again revealing the jihadist obsession with Jews, even as they continue killing each other.

As you’ll see in the article below, the Islamic State’s despicable reference to the Jews showed up on the Internet after al-Qaeda allegedly conspired to join the ranks of ISIS to destroy the group from within. Does that tactic sound familiar? (Hint: The Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America.)

Stealth Jihadists are doing the same to the West: destroying us from within; and for those with a compulsion to blame the West and blame Israel for terrorist aggression and Islamic rage and hate, I wonder how they fit in the reality of historic Muslim-on-Muslim violence. Oh, that’s covered in the article below too: it’s the Jews! It’s a “widely-held Sunni belief that Shia Islam was initially founded by the Jews to divert Muslims away from their religion.”

Islamic State27

“ISIS slams rivals as ‘Jews of Jihad’”, Jerusalem Post, June 7, 2016:

Supporters of the Islamic State have continued to refer to arch rival terrorist organization Al-Qaida as the “Jews of Jihad” on Twitter, The Middle East Media Research Institute reported Monday, using the hashtag as a derogatory term based on the claim that the two share the same negative qualities.

The hashtag first made its appearance on the Internet in January 2016 in an article titled “The Jews of Jihad: Al-Zawahiri’s Al-Qaida” by prominent pro-ISIS supporter Abu Maysara Al-Shami. The article was written as a condemnation for an alleged conspiracy concocted by al-Qaida to join the ranks of ISIS in order to destroy the Islamist group from within….

….Al-Shami’s description of Al-Qaida as Jews is based on his comparison between this suggested plan and a widely-held Sunni belief that Shia Islam was initially founded by the Jews to divert Muslims away from their religion, according to MEMRI.


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