Islamic Republic of Iran arrests eight people for producing music videos

“Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” — Ayatollah Khomeini


“Iran regime arrests 8 for producing music videos,” NCRI, May 28, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

NCRI – Iran’s fundamentalist regime has arrested eight people for producing music videos, the regime’s prosecutor general in Tehran, Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi, told the judiciary’s news agency Mizan Online on Saturday.

“Eight people producing obscene music videos, whose clips were broadcast on a famous anti-revolutionary television channel, were arrested in Tehran last week,” he said.

He claimed that their charges will be reviewed by the special court of culture and media.

The arrests come only days after 35 students who partied at a graduation ceremony in northern Iran were arrested and given 99 lashes each for violating the regime’s so-called morality code.

On May 16, the regime announced the arrest of eight people for working in “un-Islamic” online modelling networks, particularly on the photosharing app Instagram.

The head of the regime’s police in Tehran announced in April the recruitment of 7,000 plainclothes police in the capital to fight against so-called improper veiling by women.

The plainclothes agents are also responsible for monitoring “noise, harassment of women and women’s lack of Islamic veil inside cars,” he said.

Commenting on the Iranian regime’s recent crackdown in society, Ali Safavi of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said:

“This new wave of floggings and arrests are part of a wider crackdown by the Iranian regime at home, targeting in particular the youths and women. It clearly indicates the regime’s paranoia in the face of the Iranian people’s growing popular indignation. More than three years into Hassan Rouhani’s presidency, not even one of his promises have panned out, first and foremost domestically. Moderation by Rouhani is as farfetched as one could imagine.”

The mullahs’ regime has also launched a new clampdown on Iranians in the capital watching satellite television, banned by the fundamentalist authorities….


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