Pakistan: Christian stops Muslim boys from teasing Christian girls, gets arrested for blasphemy

The Pakistani blasphemy laws are the cause of a huge number of human rights abuses and ruined lives. But the “human rights” organizations can’t be bothered to do anything about them. After all, it isn’t as if something really important like “Islamophobia” were being committed.

stop misuse of blasphemy laws

“Christian man arrested for posting blasphemous messages in Pak,” PTI, May 26, 2016:

Lahore: A Christian man has been arrested in Pakistan’s Punjab province for allegedly posting blasphemous messages on his Facebook account.

Police said they arrested Liaquat Usman yesterday on a complaint that he had posted blasphemous material on his Facebook account.

According to Usman’s wife, a resident of Nabipura Sheikhupura district some 50 kilometers from here, her husband had a fight with some Muslim boys over teasing of girls in the locality.

“My husband stopped some boys from teasing girl students. A couple of days ago the boys manhandled Usman.

Instead of arresting the boys, police arrested Usman saying a complaint against him has been lodged for committing blasphemy,” she said.

Initial investigations showed that the blasphemous messages were posted on the Facebook account of Usman a year ago but the suspect said he did not post them as someone else tagged them (on his account), said police official Sarfraz Khan.

“The man who allegedly tagged the blasphemous post on Usman’s Facebook account is living abroad,” he said, adding further investigation is underway and an FIR will be registered in the light of its finding….


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