Egypt: Muslims strip 70-year-old Christian woman naked, parade her through village

Her crime? There were “rumors about a romantic relationship between her son and a Muslim girl.” In Islamic law, Muslim women are forbidden to marry Christian men, although Muslim men may marry Christian women. The idea is that the non-Muslim community must perpetually be kept in a state of decline.

A Coptic source inside Egypt wrote me: “In Minya, Egypt, a small village, Muslims ripped the clothes off an elder 70 years old Christian woman and walked her naked in the whole village to disgrace the Christians in that village. Nothing was done against those criminals.”

Will the Islamophobia never end?

Relatives of Egyptian Coptic men killed in Libya mourn at their house in al-Our village, in Minya governorate, south of Cairo

“Extremists stripped Coptic women off to punish her son,” Coptsunited, May 26, 2016 (thanks to Maged):

Ihab Ramzi, Coptic activist, said that extremists in Karm village, Minya governorate, stripped off an old Coptic lady after rumors about a romantic relationship between her son and a Muslim girl.

This came after leaflets inciting against the Copts were distributed to the Muslims after Friday prayers. Later, extremists attacked houses of the Copts and looted them.


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