Bangladesh: Islamic State murders doctor who “called to Christianity”

Proselytizing for any other religion is forbidden in Islamic law. Not that this has anything to do with…

Sanaur Rahman

“ISIS claims responsibility for doctor’s murder in Bangladesh,” PTI, May 21, 2016:

The ISIS Saturday claimed responsibility for the killing of a homoeopathic doctor in western Bangladesh, as the Muslim-majority country reels under a series of brutal murders of secular activists and minorities by Islamists.

“Fighters from the Islamic State assassinated a doctor who called to Christianity in Kushtia, western Bangladesh,” the ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency said in a brief Arabic message, according to SITE Intelligence Group.

58-year-old doctor Sanaur Rahman was riding home on his motorbike alongwith Saifuzzaman, assistant professor of Bangla literature at Islami University, when they were attacked by machete-wielding militants in Kushtia town Friday.

Rahman was hacked to death while Zaman was critically wounded in the attack. He was flown to Dhaka for treatment.

A senior Home Ministry official rejected the claim “in the name of ISIS”, saying “the home grown militants visibly are repeatedly trying to prove their links with international outfits like IS or al Qaeda”.

“Our investigations found no link of any international group to the (recent) incidents in Bangladesh”, additional home secretary Rahmatul Munim told reporters.

Kushtia police said both Rahman and his friend were fans of a mystical musical tradition known as Baul, which the Islamists consider as “un-Islamic”.

According to residents in the neighbourhood, Rahman was a popular doctor as he used to treat and offer medicine to poor people free of cost running a free Friday clinic.

“We are investigating possible militant links to the attack but we also kept in mind if it was outcome of any personal enmity,” a local police officer said.

Rahman was the latest victim of suspected Islamists who have killed several liberal and secular activists and religious minorities in Bangladesh in recent months….


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