Captured Islamic State jihadi begs for death so he can get to Paradise on time

Imagine his disappointment. But this indicates yet again how Islamic State jihadis are guided and motivated entirely by Islamic texts and teachings.

virgins of Paradise

“Antsy ISIS militant orders his own killing so he can get to heaven on time,” Fox News, May 13, 2016:

An Islamic State fighter captured in Iraq last week reportedly begged Kurdish troops to kill him right away because he didn’t want to be late for a 4 p.m. religious ceremony in heaven.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces captured the militant after he and 49 others were sent out by ISIS for a suicide bombing attack in the Christian town of Tel Askuf coinciding with an Islamic holy day, according to The Clarion Project.

“They were supposed to commit suicide using their suicide belts because today is the anniversary of the Isra and Mi’iraj celebration,” Peshmerga Lt. Col. Salim ak-Surji reportedly told the Turkish News Agency Rudaw.

“He told me ‘all of us must be in heaven by 4 p.m., kill me,” the officer said.

The day marks Prophet Muhammad’s ascension to heaven to receive instruction form Allah….


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