Islamic State seizes gas field near Palmyra

Western analysts keep pronouncing the Islamic State dead; the Islamic State keeps on having different ideas. Meanwhile, no one seems curious as to why it continues to be popular among Muslims in the West.


“ISIS Seizes Gas Field Near Palmyra: In Syria, Islamic State Making A Comeback After US, Russian Airstrikes?,” by Cristina Silva, International Business Times, May 6, 2016:

Islamic State group fighters seized a gas field in eastern Syria Thursday, marking a significant victory for the militants, who have seen their territory shrink after months of air bombings led by Russia and the United States. The capture of the main Shaer gas field in the Palmyra desert comes after the militants, also known as ISIS, lost the ancient city in March to the Syrian regime.

The ISIS fighters claimed they took the gas field area after killing at least 30 Syrian troops and seizing large caches of heavy weapons, including tanks and missiles, during a three-day assault, Reuters reported. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the seizure of the gas field area roughly 90 miles northwest of Palmyra, the ancient city known for its historic monuments.

In December, ISIS ruled over nearly two-thirds of Syria’s oil production capacity. The group used the revenue made from selling oil to small, privately owned refineries to fund its conquests and pay its fighters, to the tune of about $2 million to $3 million a day in total.

Foreign forces have forced ISIS to retreat across Syria and Iraq in recent months. In the militant’s stronghold in eastern Syria, the Syrian and Russian governments recaptured Palmyra in March after a 10-month battle that saw the destruction of the iconic temples of Bel and Baalshamin as well as the Arch of Triumph….


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